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Who should take this program?

The CIP is a trade mark of the first and only accredited certification in the field of competitive Intelligence. This online module, composed of the first three courses in the Competitive Intelligence Professional's (CIP) core level certification program PLUS a short course Strategic Early Warning - on selling CI to your executives is aimed at both dedicated professionals who can't currently attend the live workshops (which are much, much, much more fun).  More importantly, they are aimed at any manager or professional who needs to be better at getting into the mindset of other players in the market because his or her role requires that they understand reactions, countermoves and future changes in their area.   

To get the CIP-ST (Competitive Intelligence Professional Skills Training) certificate, watch all courses, and take a short exam at the end of the two analytical courses (Blindspots and Cross Competitor Analysis). The exam will be made available online from the Registrar ( 

If you pass, you get a certificate you can put on your desk and casually make sure its shows when the CEO walks by your cubicle. 

Finally, you can apply the two analytical courses - Blindspots and Cross Competitor towards the CIP-I core certificate.  For information about the CIP certification go to