Course curriculum

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    Intelligence Basics

    • A message from Ben Gilad

    • Before you watch the videos, you may download the presentation slides here

    • What is competitive intelligence- Part 1

    • What is competitive intelligence- Part 2

    • The intelligence process - Part 1

    • The intelligence process - Part 2

    • Intelligence requirements - Part 1

    • Intelligence requirements - Part 2

    • Legal, ethical or comfort zone? Part 1

    • Legal, ethical or comfort zone? Part 2

    • Intelligence planning: Collection

    • Intelligence planning: Collection exercise

    • Collecting internally - Part 1

    • Collecting internally - Part 2

    • The internal network

    • Nurturing an intelligence culture

    • Just one thing before you move to the analytical portion of the program..

Instructor: Troy Pfeffer

Faculty, CIP-II

Troy Pfeffer

Mr. Troy Pfeffer was the Intelligence Director at a Fortune 500 B2B Service Provider for 10 years. As Intelligence Director, Troy was chosen to create and establish Competitive Intelligence and was responsible for providing timely and actionable intelligence to business leaders across all divisions and global regions. The fully integrated global intelligence structure has led to a true intelligence culture in which ALL employees act as collectors and analysts. This has resulted in highly efficient intelligence at a strategic, tactical and operational level and is a direct source of revenue. Prior to his CI director role, Troy served as the National Marketing Manager and National Operations Manager for the same service provider. In addition, he previously held the position of Vice President at Key Bank. Troy holds a BSBA degree from The Ohio State University and is a CIP™-II Master of CI Certified Intelligence Professional from the Academy of Competitive Intelligence. Outside of work, Troy is an avid adventurer that enjoys mountaineering, climbing, competitive cycling and sailing. He and his wife Susan are passionate wildlife activists and volunteers.