Course curriculum

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    Competitive Blindspots

    • Requirements before you start watching

    • Competitive Blindspots - The fundamental analytical frameworks of competitive intelligence

    • Are you doing competitive intelligence - Part 1

    • Are you doing competitive intelligence - Part 2

    • How can you develop your competitive perspective?

    • The most important framework in competition analysis

    • The most important framework cont.

    • When CI becomes competitive insight - Part 1

    • When CI becomes competitive insight - Part 2

    • Let's practice the framework before you forget it

    • Another look at barriers to entry

    • So does the ECD industry have Economies of scale?

    • This is how you analyze competitors - Part 1

    • This is how you analyze competitors - Part 2

    • This is the end of the "lecture" part... now comes the fun

    • Why am I not asking for Capabilities?

    • Cramer's strategy

    • So what is Cramer's strategy?

    • Synthesis - a step beyond the "facts"

    • Synthesis - continues

    • What is synthesis? Why is it such a hallmark of intelligence?

    • Management Assumptions

    • Blindspots!

    • Drivers- the deepest understanding of how companies look at the world

    • But why Cronin?

    • So why did the widow select Cronin to lead Cramer?

    • Final words from Ben Gilad


Faculty and cleaning crew

Benjamin Gilad

Dr. Ben Gilad founded the Academy of Competitive Intelligence back in 1999. If long and pompous bios impress you, he refuses to play this game. Instead, you can read his profile at Linkedin and he'll be happy to connect. Let's just say he's been in the field of competitive intelligence and strategy longer than most of the people reading this bit have lived. Yes, he is that old. He remembers Moses (from the Bible). He wrote 6 books on CI; He trained the majority of competition analysts in the Fortunate 500 (no, it's not a typo); but --what he considers his most amazing achievement is actually writing a novel, There will be Hell to Pay, despite his limited vocabulary. And oh, yes, the photo is from 25 years ago. Can you tell the differences?